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Y’Anna has found yet another way to tell her story and give back to women. Over the years Y’Anna has shown her dedication to helping women through her foundation, being an advocate for single mothers and her ongoing weight loss crusade. It is her passion to use the experiences in her own life to help guide other women. In her one woman stage play, “My REEL-ality, My Destiny”, Y’Anna speaks and sings about her past struggles with low self-esteem, depression and more. It is her goal to remove the shame and let women know they are not alone.

"MY REEL-ality My Destiny"
This one woman show chronicles significant moments in Y’Anna’s life from her childhood leading up to her national platform as an artist. The theatrical presentation consists of demonstrative monologue, vivid visual content and an incredible music montage deliberately orchestrated to connect the audience with the story. She’s partnered with Joshua Jenkins and The Press Play Company to produce this effort. Joshua is the eldest son of First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Senior Pastor John K. Jenkins and has been making waves as a producer/playwright for over 12 years. In this fifty (50) minute presentation. Y'Anna exposes her bouts with low self-esteem, as a result of her displacement from her biological father at the tender age of 3 months. This caused her to have a negative self image as she battled confidence issues as a full figured preteen. She later became a teenage mom, experienced emotionally abusive relationships and even sacrificed her musical aspirations/dreams because of the struggles she experienced with her identity for years.


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