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A Night of Extreme Cold: Important Tips

A Night of Extreme Cold: Important Tips

With a night of below-freezing temperatures expected for this evening, residents are urged to take precautions.

  • Residents should turn off their irrigation systems, as runoff can create icy roadways and sidewalks. City irrigation systems have been turned off, as have most fountains, with the exception of the Forsyth Fountain, whose nozzles are not in danger of spraying on surrounding walkways and which is less likely to suffer damage when left on during freezing temperatures.
  • Residents should allow their water to drip from a faucet at night to help prevent pipes from freezing. Homeowners may call 311 on their phone 24 hours a day if water service is not working. City water crews will respond, and will turn off the water at the meter and advise residents. However, if there is pipe damage between a property’s water meter (located near the street or sidewalk) and the home or business, the property owner will be responsible for repairs. Note that the City’s response may be delayed Wednesday morning due to a heavy volume of calls; homeowners should not wait to contact a plumber.

If cold water works but hot water faucet is non-responsive, that is a sign that a hot water pipe has frozen or burst. If this happens, homeowners are advised to turn off the hot water heater breaker in the breaker box, as leaving on without water can damage the hot water heater element. Then call a plumber.


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